The Catbirds Seati

Every word, please disregard-

These vague entreaties

Broke my heart;

And lured me into labored grieving,

Devoid of praise

And hidden meaning.

Tasteless, mildewed Eucharist

I served with bruised and angry fists;

Resorting to firm reprimand-

Reducing mountains into sand.

The vapors vanish,

Monsters leave-

The purge is crawling down my sleeve.

Rage in torrents,

Waves of blood-

The swift release of wounded doves.

A faithless, wanton infidel

Whose heaven is my privileged hell,

Where few, if any, live to tell.

The burning match,

The fleeting light-

Improving blind and tired eyes.

Spreading like a seamless carpet,

Gardens praised by saint and scholar.

This dried and crumbling wishing well,

Complete with dreams

And loving hells

Now slakes the the vagrant mother’s thirst;

This lily rises from the earth.

A throne you all but compromised,

With arrogant dismissive lies.

This kingdom you assumed u ruled,

With desperate and lonely fools;

A table stands where all drink wine,

Regardless of their place in line.

A labor,


Staff of wheat,

The honored deeds you value least.

And soured grapes,

Once full and sweet,

Now decorate my catbirds seat.