Nearly consumed by anger and outrage

It’s been 3 loooooong yrs since the cretin crawled into the WH and we have all been outraged, depressed, anxious…we are worn out…war weary and hopeless. in short this country is a living hell. No one seems determined nor inclined to organize an active resistance with an effective stratagem. Marches r just media events & petitions r meaningless when the object of ur resistance is evil & doesn’t have any sense of humanity nor of moral or ethical standards. . Christians have become obsessed with this wanna be president in their rapid attempt to create a brutal & bigoted theocracy..they have have thrown the gospel of Jesus into a shit stained toilet, floating right next to Trump and his gop racists & misogynists.. abortion rights r threatened, racist violence is rationalized & condoned everywhere, children and elder adults are at risk due to a healthcare system designed to benefit the rich and annihilate the poor..I no longer refer myself as an American, nor see myself as one. This my nation is my enemy, the gop & trump r the it’s brainless ringleaders and I just want outta here.