conflict of interests



You believe in fairy tales where fun and happiness reign over the entire sunny kingdom; all smiles and joy. theres no bruising, no blood, no scratches, savage tears; no muddy hands-things end with a  handshake.

I believe in comic tragedy, where both are scarred and wounded scorched hearts are ripped open and torn apart; and theres blood all over both our hands, and we beat each other senseless, then cry and laugh about it.




In ragged breath, pain unspoken.

heavy, damp and hollow,

bleeding through my chest.

A leaf spins, drifts, collapsed to the deflated sorrow.

Stalked by angry shadows,

Clouds rise and bloom,

softened by the broken mist,

This is a kiss..

The moist rendering

in startled silence,

A lilly, wilting and discarded, whispers.

thanksgiving day

Joy is ephemeral, pain lingers.

it crawls then rises on its mighty legs,

it rages and roars

with claws drawn and bloody dripping mouth

Filled with your ravaged heart.

you ache and your soul breaks;

hope is fractured, crumbling-

the cracked and glowing silly mirror

that constantly leads you into dangers

too dark to bear,

under the angry yellow eye of the moon.

and you falter

and crawl into your filthy grotto,

wounded and damned,

lost and afraid and empty

like the whisper of death.

cursed by humanity,

and Goddess blessed.


doomed from the beginning,

now I’m doomed as well.

i fall in the hole

then i am the hole

laughter and lightness, curiosity gone,

and wonder.

now everything’s grey corduroy,

sun damaged sepia,

faded flowers everywhere.

how strangely beautiful pain can be.

Sprouting like life

But death is there.

The Flame


the flame flickers

wax rips, it rolls

it bleeds down the melting candle

ever expanding rivers of light and dark

empty words endlessly spoken

you know my feelings are my religion

this blistering shroud

waits to be broken

by a scream or cry

i whisper in anxious rhythm

praying to be heard;

Knees numb, bowed head

Eyes dead..


Ravaged and rotting

once sweet now angry and bitter

and bloody wounded

deceived by rain

the sun.

broken wishbone

pulled clean apart

by cowardice, betrayal.

wings spread,

cast thoughtlessly

to the desert floor.

Digging deep to absolute, deafened darkness.

vultures cry in victory

and i crawl pained in hollow

suckled by darkness

and my smoke and burning heart.

nothing smooth or shiny remains

just an aching, faithless

thblackened stain.