The Snake

I have seen you spread your lies,

a pestilence

across the skies.

through hungry rats

and buzzing flies,

who  scramble frenzied

from your sight.

Tis She, The snake,

who sheds her skin

whenever a new breeze blows in.

you crawl the ground,

begin anew

You think the world belongs to you.

deceive them all,

my faithless friend,

your world is coming to its end.

For up above you.

in the trees,

a woman waits to lay her claim,

to maim and then devour you.

She pounces down, with angry heart

to tear your soul and skin apart;

with hungry tooth and sharpened claw-

you find yourself within her maw.

Its to your shame

and empty pride,

you, who i now despise,

to vainly try

and blindly dare

to slide inside My fatal lair.Paul-Desire-Trouillebert,-The-Nude-Snake-Charmer,-or-La-charmeuse-de-serpents


for the lilly

I’d like to tear the lilly

from the sodden earth..

Rip off it’s delicate petals,

It’s waxen leaves,

Break its wilted stem

Chew and shred them all,

and spit them into the tormented sea.

But the memory of the lilly would remain 

and fertilize my hungry roots

to nurse a yellow viper

Who suckles on my brilliant pain.

love off the cuff

all the angry words,

so thoughtlessly spoken,

were daggers to your heart.

the ripping and tearing

of my sharp teeth and claws

intentionally drew blood

and wounded your beautiful soul

my disregard and arrogance,

my childish tantrums,

gained me nothing

but lonely emptiness, regret, and sorrow.

i chose to be the victim

in this fairy tale I’ve woven.

But i know that’s a lie

that I’ve told to others,

myself,and my bleeding heart.

For, yes, i was the monster,

and forgiveness, not your option.

but i offer you this rose

And I’ve removed the thorns.

Strong yet delicate

and its scent is pure and sweet,

the color, crimson dew,

like a love i’ve left unbroken.



Love your clavicles

and your neck that i kiss

and your solemn face,

A comet flying thru space;

love your dark brown eyes,

and the secrets they hide.

Wanna hold you tight

weave your body into mine;

Touch your silken hair,

wrap it round my heart

like a lovely scarf

trimmed in long blond lace.

I’m no innocent,

yet i feel like a child.

so i  shyly smile,

and my face is red,

and my limbs on fire

with some unfed and restless desire.