Questions about rape on campus

Rethinking Life

According to December’s TIME magazine,  fraternity males are three times more likely to rape than non fraternity men.

The question: Why do we still have fraternities?

The answer: Colleges care more about males and fraternities than they do about the safety of the women who attend their institutions.

There truly can’t be any other answer.  Women, their health and safety don’t matter.

If men on campus were being rapped (gang raped), at the same rate as women, something would be done about immediately.  There would be a huge and instant outcry and measures would be taken so that the atrocities would stop at once.

Violence agains women doesn’t count.  This truly cannot be any more obvious.  Our daughters, granddaughters, sisters and friends are at risk.  It has become dangerous for women to go to college.  But it’s not dangerous for rapists and fraternity boys.  It’s fun for them.

Colleges should end…

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