Hide Me

woman,beauty,photography,cool,art,bird,black,and,white-7e7721fb7795b9da99c3affd95c75b85_h Spread your black silken wings 

across my tear streaked face.

Block the sun and the moon

and all the stars.

Hide me from this lonely place

of broken wings, blinded eyes,

of never healing bloody scars.

Wrap me tightly in your warm and pumping heart;

Let your veins, your pulsing arteries

weave a snug, slick web around me.

Stroke me, feed me,

with your suckling beak.

Save me from this breathless tethered destiny.

Release me from the requiem of angry words

i am not allowed to speak.

Then fly me far across the sea

where no one will remember me.



Beyond stained, rain streaked windows

softly burns a rising sun,

a glittering, motionless sea,th

a tiny sail boat drifting on an endlessly rolling tide.

Seagulls hover,

their morning wails pierce the clear and cloudless sky.

This image from a dream

amidst shattered mirrors,

tarnished cameos,

dusty lamps

and broken picture frames.

Surrounded by stacks of yellowed, mildewed tomes,

discarded myths,

boxed and forgotten-

too long neglected.

Cracked porcelain dishes,

delicately wrapped in sticky cobwebs

by crawling caretakers-

the silent protectors of

yesterday’s neglected hopes

and memories;

forsaken and forgiven by restless time;

these dusty gems

are diamond mines.