wheat from chaff


Wheat from the chaff,

battled back.

Meaningless words spew

from aimless gurus.

no more illusions,

happy at last.


the fishbowl


A fishbowl

all clear water and

painted decorations

bubbles rise

dreams fade

swimming in tight circles

boundaries, restraint

watching open windows-

present, future, past

thru faded and tinted glass.

hot coals and shadows

Afraid to speak, afraid to listen

terrified of that painful awkward silence.

The thoughts and feelings fester;

My words are burning coals lodged, planted in my throat.

Anger is rising, building, budding with a harvest due

of wounded pride, jealousy 

and breathless rage.

Smoke lingers on the tip of my tongue,

in the pit of my heart,

 in my replayed memories  

of the casual lies

that i long to spit at your deceptive

and delicate eyes


just a girl from Ghana


Sharp teeth and claws

your twilight howls,

Nipping at my fleeing heels.

Bright and hungry smiles

hide dark and vagrant desires,

But what you think I have to offer

is just a buried, empty coffin.

These savage lies

feed dreams and doubts-

words of love

dappled, glistened venom-

try not to listen,

they are vapor and vacant

as the mouth that speaks them.

Fleshless bones,

and flies that hover,

the bodies chewed and mangled,

strangled by the knots you’ve tangled.

Tributes to the lives you smother

you’ve swallowed, oh, so many

even your harsh and faceless mother,

Yet this one you sorely covet,

Will never be your poor and seedless,

graceless lover.