Reality Check


Their wings spread wide

across the sky

that stroke the air

and spin the tides,

disperse the clouds

and wisps of smoke

and twist the trees

and choke the throat.

Seemingly enduring strong,

with brilliant raging plumage drawn,

and songs of mad, confused desire

to reach some ancient lofty spires.

But don’t be fooled.

nor feed the lie-

for though with solemn fury

they sing and cry

these birds are lame

and cannot fly.


Inverted world

Quarter moon and palm trees,

clear reflections on still waters.

my inverted world;

falling weightless,

down through silence

into the black and endless

silken sky.

ER at Val-kill

very educational & insightful-LGBTQ community and society at large needs exposure to historical revelations such as this

The Queerest Places


Hyde Park, N.Y.

Eleanor Roosevelt home
Route 9G

Intrepid First Lady, women’s rights activist, and humanitarian Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962) was most at home here at her private retreat, Val-kill, named after the stream that ran beside it. Orphaned as a child, Eleanor was raised by a grandmother and educated in England at a girls’ academy. At 20, she married her fifth cousin, Franklin Roosevelt, and for the next dozen years was a “proper” wife to an aspiring politician, living mostly in homes owned by her controlling mother-in-law, Sara Delano Roosevelt. But after Eleanor discovered Franklin‘s affair with her social secretary, Lucy Mercer, she offered him a divorce, and they reached the turning point of their marriage. The ambitious Franklin opted for his wife and children – and his political ambitions. Not long after, he contracted polio, which Eleanor nursed him through and which threatened to cut short…

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