Cricket and Flutterby


Rethinking Life

“My mom said that humans are unhappy because they aren’t free,” chirped Cricket.  “They work at things they don’t like, they forgot how to play and they spend a lot of time doing what other people tell them to do.  She said all of that makes them crabby.”

“If I had to live that way I don’t think that I would be happy either,” peeped Flutterby.

“I know.  My mom said it makes them dangerous and they never think they have enough of anything, they always want more and they don’t care how they get what they want.  She said they’ve always been that way, from the very beginning.  They don’t embrace life they try to beat it into submission.”

“What does that mean?” peeped Flutterby softly.

“I don’t know but the hens just made cornbread.”

“I love cornbread,” peeped Flutterby, flapping her tiny wings with excitement.

“After we get…

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Confused (channeling CW muse tonight-if ya listen closely you can hear that whining fiddle)


How can I love ya ‘less ya tell me so???

You won’t tell me yes but ya don’t say no..

Still I’d follow you anywhere u go-

take me back to Borneo.

Keepin’ me at bay is a silly game-

both of us can play yet we’re both estranged.

Keepin me at arm’s length is a royal pain-

Book me on the nearest plane.

just a little kiss

starts a raging fire..

though u look away

youre my one desire,

though I tell the truth

you say I’m a liar-

call me just a fool for hire.

I can read your mind but u hide your heart.

This is how things end when they never start.

Sailin’ on a sea where there aint no charts;

actors who don’t know their parts,

why’s the distance seem so far

from where I am to where u are..

Lotsa blood but tiny scars…

Wonder what life’s like on Mars…



I cannot think in brief moments,

Nor love in shallow tide pools;

But no cause is this,

for thoughts befuddled,

For I’m an ocean,

And not a puddle.



My gift

My frozen flower

my thorny mad equation

all manufactured, 

devious design;

fractal puzzle pieces

weedy garden for my brain

imprisoned in her maze

her haunted twisted sorrows

The Madame

and The Maid.

Winter’s fruitless Solstice,

Shuttered minds

and open windows,

Pleading for reason

Clearly insane.