Frantic Sparrows

Thoughts like frantic sparrows,

desperately seeking perch.

Wings flap,

constantly in motion;

No lapis rolling ocean

to fill the dreary sodden hole.

No sleepy warm lacuna-

only jagged morning mountain

that dares me not to climb it.

No lonely desert I haven’t laid to waste-

I cannot feel,

but must defile;

Sandstorms spiral

with bleached and porous bones,

this is no ones home.

Confused and tired,

angry naked wraith,

a native of periphery-

tabula rasa waiting.

Questions values and all sanity,

bloodied by sharp thistles,

barren like the husks

of never planted seeds.


Author: moonmaenad

Unskilled Navigator of this ocean we call life..somebody throw me a lifejacket STAT…or a clever and friendly dolphin

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