Night dreams and terrors

Last night/early a.m I dreamed I had somehow been responsible for a baby of my sisters dying–not sure how, that part is foggy..but my sister is held responsible and is tried for manslaughter. I kept mum as the case quickley moved to trial..tho growing more tortured ever day. Finally, as the verdict is finally to be revealed I decide to confess, but first I am looking all over for my pain meds to strengthen my sagging resolve…I’m tearing thru my backpack, my car, my chaotic bedroom…where r they?? Then, most unexpectedly, I awake..I know this means something deeply spiritual but not sure what..


Author: moonmaenad

Unskilled Navigator of this ocean we call life..somebody throw me a lifejacket STAT…or a clever and friendly dolphin

7 thoughts on “Night dreams and terrors”

  1. maybe it says that you’ve lost something you really wanted, or you’re scared of losing something… i mean i had a dream similar to yours once… i was responsible for killing somebody(close to me) and then i couldn’t find my voice (literally) when i went to accept the guilt.
    It turned out that the person i killed in my dream had something of mine, that I’d lost. (not voice)

    1. It’s really hard to understand what your subconscious is sister was part responsible for me losing my teenage innocence in a brutal way..I resent her for turning her back..doing nothing to protect me….so maybe the baby my childhood..but I feel responsible for letting it happen as well…course the perpetrator is the real murderer if course..but I’ve not thought of him in yrs. thankfully–sorry if I’m being too blunt here

      1. Actually–I rarely do..but somewhere in my subconscious, perhaps spiritual consciousness it is interpreted, just not on an intellectually analytical u figure yours out???

      2. Trust your instincts too…I’ve always questioned everything far to often..I always want to be fair..not let my emotions confuse the issue..I’m a diplomat by nature but it has cost me dearly so I’m trying to send that gal on vacation..I need to stop trying to arrange peace treaties, I always loose my shirt

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