A Hunter, a child, a mother

Her quiver filled with shafts of radiant, stinging color,

and sharp with pondered dark obsessions.

Her laughter flies in giggled,rumbling silence 

 to find her shy and sulking prey…

an ever arched, embracing rainbow

She suckles from the breast of night

to nurse the hungry lips of day.


Author: moonmaenad

Unskilled Navigator of this ocean we call life..somebody throw me a lifejacket STATโ€ฆor a clever and friendly dolphin

7 thoughts on “A Hunter, a child, a mother”

  1. Oh so beautiful!!!
    The last lines took my breath away. Its simply radiant mel.
    You keep making me fall in love with your words… again.. and again.
    And thats krishna.. the cutest and the most playful god… i like him so much haha.

    Im in love with sharp with pondered dark obsessions… *-*

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