An inconvenient addiction 


It comes as it goes

Dragging all self respect and peace,

Any hope of happiness

From your severed heart and sacred soul

When you suckle it,

It feeds you beautiful fevered dreams

And curiosities,

And dancing light and songs that sing

Within your brain and bones

But the milk is tainted 

Poison of another kind

It sucks you dry,

And as it slowly fades away,

It leaves behind a loathing,

A cloud of steaming flies and filthy rubbish, 

Where you will find the pain and lies, 

the ones you’ve stabbed and wounded, 

in your turgid wake.

and all those loves you’ve left behind.

And now you crawl among the headstones

Wishing you would live again, 

Not so pathetically evil die.


Author: moonmaenad

Unskilled Navigator of this ocean we call life..somebody throw me a lifejacket STAT…or a clever and friendly dolphin

9 thoughts on “An inconvenient addiction ”

      1. Oh dear, I just hope you can survive – it must be awful, you ought to be treated better than that I think. Do take care! I hope for better times for you xx

  1. No you shant pathetically evil die..
    you are beautiful. And strong. And amazing.
    you are much more than this.
    Mel? you’ll take care. lots of care of yourself. give yourself what you rightfully deserve.
    Dont give up the meds. there ight be serious implications. medicines are not to be fooled with.
    you’ll take care. go see a professional wont you? If its getting bad?
    love you mel… take care.

  2. It’s ok..if things go south , get really bad, I’ll call dr. But it’s unlikely it will kill me..just make me wish I were dead..kinda😖😳😱😩😿it’s just like the worst flu/depression u will ever have..but I’m feeling will be ok..

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