To crawl from the wreckage of a wounded life,

no longer wallow in torn and twisted sheets,

body and brain thrashing, all akimbo ;

purposeless and naked

breathing half dead.

To want and need,

fear nothing-

freedoms I have never known.

Why did I stop asking questions,

needing no answers,

when did I stop talking to strangers…


Author: moonmaenad

Unskilled Navigator of this ocean we call life..somebody throw me a lifejacket STAT…or a clever and friendly dolphin

58 thoughts on “rebirth”

      1. yeah..but too short to keep walking in circles…I’m not sad, just ruminating as the veil slowly lifts..comes with the territory I think😉keep smiling???im gonna smack u😁😠😎

      1. we are all mothers to ourselves…we give birth every minute of every day…to sad me, angry me, happy me….confused and ruminating me…today, I birth my “ruminator”…and it’s time to make changes.

      2. No..they are not…people r often hospitalized to detox..your body shakes, fevers, severe chills…u need to educate yourself before u make statements like that..Amber, it’s ignorant

      3. I cannot be distracted till I’m over..and dismissive remarks distract me, but not in a good way..your words should speak knowledge truth, no matter the occasion

      4. I’m looking to just this minute, this hr., this day…I feel better and that’s enuff…patience is the order of the day..I know I’ll be fine–maybe better than fine

      5. Of course You will, You have a lot yet to achieve and do. Focus on the future. Your a special lady and will get the happiness you deserve ❤

      6. I’m with you friend, and rooting for you. You’ll get over this blip and the addiction will no longer control you

      7. Different is good. Embrace you. You’re such a sweet heart. Don’t allow Yourself to be effected by others negativity. If someone makes you feel crap, smile at them,then walk away

      8. Totally, you’re light Susan and many will try to darken your light. Never let them. Keep smiling through and remember who you are

      9. And yes, I (and everyone else) is getting tired and bored talking about my detox so I’m gonna shut up about it..thanks Amber fir your good vibes😎💖

      10. We r what we think, consume, breathe..there is mind body spirit..we r impacted by everything that goes in our body, ergo, the healthy eating efforts of the last 50 yrs..

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