Life Lesson, episode #3

Personal beliefs and philosophies are best expressed not by our words or prideful proclamations, nor by vicariously posting them on social media–but by the ethical and conscientious acts we perform unselfishly every single day, or don’t, whichever the case may be…


Author: moonmaenad

Unskilled Navigator of this ocean we call life..somebody throw me a lifejacket STAT…or a clever and friendly dolphin

8 thoughts on “Life Lesson, episode #3”

  1. Tanks cubbers…and gettin wiser all da time🤔”Getting so much wiser aaaalll the tiiime…I’m getting wiser all the time…da da da da…🎼🎧🎹🎸🎻🎷” tanks Paul😎😍

    1. Thanks..I see so much of these empty words it nearly makes my head spin..everyone with their Buddhist equanimity but few actually living these philosophies…it’s all glitter and empty wrapping paper

      1. Talk to me about “empty wrapping paper,” MM. I was just reading an article about the yoga class uproar in Canada. I am a Soto Zen Buddhist and it’s not at all glamorous. We have to sit in meditation for an hour or two. Sometimes, we help clean the temple. It’s a very personal practice. There are no accoutrements. Not one of my Western friends has been willing to recognise the authenticity of Buddhist practice. I have to endure long lectures from them about what they have read in books, about something I have been doing for 16 years. There are no gong baths involved. It is insulting and I guess that is because Asia has been packaged as a product for them. I’m not Asian, but still I I want to say, “respect other people’s cultures, please.”

      2. it’s very fashionable, like a new hair do or pair o shoes, to espouse its principles, as it has been for 50+ years…i hear people repeat the precepts, but very few actually live it or put it into action…it’s all a part of this obsession with “image” which is in complete opposition to Buddhist beliefs, it is ironic to say the very least..and there is an unnerving superficial and arrogant quality to these lip servers that drives me mad😳🙀🙄😳😝as a hatter🎩👒⛑👑

      3. (((Hugs))) I totally understand that. Get steamed and then pull the shutter down on that, is my advice to you. People who buy into that are just as misguided.

  2. (((Hugs))) to u as well boo…I’m on da same page here…I especially loathe it when they slather these precepts aaaaalll ovah my FB & Twitter pages, gauchely decorated with giant golden Buddhas, fields of riotous daisies, or puppies prancing around (but I actually like the puppies prancing tho🐶🐕) I prescribe to much of what Buddhism advocates but I feel no need to proselytize to the entire world..nor clutter up their social media…

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