Wings to Heaven

There are days of soaring,

Wings to heaven,

Dreams of sailing weightless

Among the drifting,

Drowsy clouds.

And days of burning,

Sharply tangled strings

Pulling me to hell..

Where I cannot breathe

Nor gather speed…

And fall to molten caverns

Where lava flows

And sulphur suffocates 

Blinds the eyes

And wastes the spirit;

I am directionless

And know not where to go,

what seeds I’ve left to sow,

Nor what fecund patch of earth

Is left 

where I will likely grow.


Author: moonmaenad

Unskilled Navigator of this ocean we call life..somebody throw me a lifejacket STAT…or a clever and friendly dolphin

10 thoughts on “Wings to Heaven”

    1. Awwww…now I got the feels too❣..ur sweet,happy u liked it. yup..dats me–fueled, fired, fkd by: “🎼feelings,nothing left but feelings…🎹🎧”But I’m just an intense nomad unicorn killer in a world filled with “keep smilin,stay positive,the world is yours” lollipop kids who been drinkin too much kook eating them next!!!

      1. Ahhh we are secret twins for sure, “intense nomad unicorn killer” is exactly how I would describe myself! The overly positive stuff does get a bit bleh sometimes- it has it’s place though. Like if the messages were on packages of chocolate or alcohol I’d be totally cool with that!

    2. Ohhh..I love your blog and Twitter too..your cartoons are irreverent, deliriously funny and imbued with none o that narcissistic, arrogant, positive thinking crap dat is aaaalll over this freakin word press..I’m battling w/ these insensate,brainless morons every day..well, on Mondays & weekends, anyways..🙄👄🦄😋

  1. Yes!!! Then it would at least have issue with these lollipop kids is that they often blame others for their inability to see life as a smiley rainbow..there’s an arrogance there and lack of compassion. I suffered for many years with deep depression, and believe me, none of their pithy palliatives worked for me -tho chocolate and alcohol.(.ooohhh, and pizza) were very effective. my philosophy is: no mud, no lotus/without darkness their can be no light….and I agree..we r secret sisters..😉😸but secret no more..

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