I Am Desert

I am desert

all Joshua, nettles, cactus, scrub.

Porous chalky bones erupt like weeds

Ribs like hands 

Clawing through the sand

and skulls with smooth black holes

where eyes should be.

Winds kick up spinning, angry dusters

that tear at wire, broken fences 

and cracked and crumpled beer cans rusting.

Just one narrow,split lane,

cracked and asphalt highway.

the cars race through 

when skies turn dark

rarely does one stop and park.

The barren world

is stark and true,

and in the stygian hostile night,

captures and devours you.


Author: moonmaenad

Unskilled Navigator of this ocean we call life..somebody throw me a lifejacket STAT…or a clever and friendly dolphin

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