Not the Hour

Torn by loyalties,


Surging gales

With raging power.

This is surely not the hour

For the rending,

Wounds re-opened.

Bleeding blistered words

As tokens.

Poisons deadly,

Sutures opened,

Draining pus 

And stagnant grievance,

Charged with cowardice

And treason.



Petrified in distant moments.

Escaping from their gnarled grasp,

This lily has become an asp.

Breaking chains,

But few are chosen

To leave behind an aging storm,

To reawaken,

Dreams reborn.

It’s not for ashes 

We should mourn.


Today I mourn the passing of my mother, Helen Jean Graf-Roland, a strong, intelligent, independent, passionate woman who raised me to be the same. Forever may u fly free…


With the death of Anton Scalia we again have the opportunity to see just how devoted the Republican Party is to protecting and defending our rule of law and constitution..we will see their determined obstruction of pres. Obama’s Supreme Court nominee at all costs -betting their “corporate farm” that their presidential candidate will be elected so they can get another conservative lackey onto the Supreme Court and move forward their evil political agenda…meanwhile many timely and important Supreme Court decisions will sit in limbo. Does this sound like a democracy or a 3rd world coup d’รฉtat??!


Thanks to Problems with Infinity for this inspiration: (no, I confess, I did not take this pic๐Ÿ™€)

Happy Valentine’s Day..yes, I recognize its a celebratory financial bonanza for Hallmark but I’m laying my customery cynicism aside and wishing u all a most beautiful day with love and flowers and lotsa chocolates, and a happy herd of preying mantis..they r real sweethearts and good omens, to boot๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜ธ๐Ÿ˜ 


The Bernie Sanders quagmire

Though I respect Bernie Sanders and agree with much of his idealistic  rhetoric I also realize the futility of his Don Quixote chasing at windmills efforts. Idealism is a beautiful thing, but our electoral system and government is not anchored in idealism..but in harsh, painful choices and often cynical realities. Very little of what he proposes in government reform can or will ever happen. No president has that kind of power..they have a senate and congress to deal with- a house and senate that is supported by corporate carpet baggers..It is more important to have a candidate who understands exactly how the system works and how to best affect it so maybe just a little good can come of it. Bernie Sanders is not that candidate. I’m well aware of the limitations of the presidency but it appears many potential voters are not. Ive had my years of starry eyed idealism but now I understand it better and see it far more clearly. It is absolutely  imperative that we see the hard political realities of our political system and stop chasing an aging mirage…and Bernie Sanders is just that-an aging quixotic mirage.  (Go Hillary!!!๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ)

Reckless Harbor


These faithless words

that often slip

the reckless harbor of your lips,

of billowed sail,

all salt and brine,

a ghost on my horizon line.

Bleached skulls that wash upon the shore-

stern warnings one should not ignore.

Feckless currents ebb and flow,

where barnacles and seaweed grow.

There in the breech,

I’ve placed in stow,

my sextant shows the way to go.

The midnight stars,

the Southern Cross,

redeem the foolish 

and the lost.

Those who stray 

too far off course,

who flounder in your stale remorse,

will linger where they don’t belong

and drown to hear 

your siren song.