Her hair is matted

grey and course,

this refugee of urban wars.

Through eyes so dark and wrinkled wary

she sees the traffic as a ferry

who’s riders cast dismissive stares

and laugh about the shoes she wears.

She has no family,

friends or foes-

the empty streets she calls her home.

A tumble weed blown by despair,

to passers by she isn’t there.

The mystery of her toothless smile

is filled with loss and not beguile.

Her cart piled high with bags and bottles,

she drags along the dirty sidewalk.

Her hands are wrapped in filthy rags.

To most, a cast off, crazy hag.

No one stops to help or offer

just a hand or smile or prayer.

Though she seems poor,

we all are beggars.

She hangs upon the ragged edge

of dreams she had,

a life she left.

Perhaps she was a woman scorned,

a rebel who could not conform.

But this is true,

this much I know,

I see her everywhere I go.


Author: moonmaenad

Unskilled Navigator of this ocean we call life..somebody throw me a lifejacket STAT…or a clever and friendly dolphin

6 thoughts on “Refugee”

  1. mel… this was awfully beautiful…. so powerful….

    i see it everyday… its all around to be seen here in india…
    little kids,
    beggars with leprosy…
    women with flailing bodies…
    infants with tear streaked faces…

    the other day, i was walking back home from my tuition classes…
    it was a beautiful beautiful evening, the dusk was deep, the wind was soothing… so nice…
    i was strolling…
    and this woman, or girl, idk… her face did not betray the years of her struggle… she was selling balloons…
    ragged clothes, empty eyes…
    ribs showing up underneath her tattered blouse…

    and the balloons?
    they were so colourful… lightly illuminated by the street lights…

    i didnt have any money…

    I wish someday i have enough to buy some light for their eyes…

  2. Thanks a bunch sis…It’s more and more common here too..many are mentally ill and the the state hospitals discharge them if they want out..legislation made possible by Ronald Reagan👿. It’s like letting a vulnerable child have car keys.. The women get the worst of it always..Often I do give them money…I only wish I could do more…I know that could be anyone of us…

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