The Bernie Sanders quagmire

Though I respect Bernie Sanders and agree with much of his idealistic  rhetoric I also realize the futility of his Don Quixote chasing at windmills efforts. Idealism is a beautiful thing, but our electoral system and government is not anchored in idealism..but in harsh, painful choices and often cynical realities. Very little of what he proposes in government reform can or will ever happen. No president has that kind of power..they have a senate and congress to deal with- a house and senate that is supported by corporate carpet baggers..It is more important to have a candidate who understands exactly how the system works and how to best affect it so maybe just a little good can come of it. Bernie Sanders is not that candidate. I’m well aware of the limitations of the presidency but it appears many potential voters are not. Ive had my years of starry eyed idealism but now I understand it better and see it far more clearly. It is absolutely  imperative that we see the hard political realities of our political system and stop chasing an aging mirage…and Bernie Sanders is just that-an aging quixotic mirage.  (Go Hillary!!!😎👍🏽)


Author: moonmaenad

Unskilled Navigator of this ocean we call life..somebody throw me a lifejacket STAT…or a clever and friendly dolphin

10 thoughts on “The Bernie Sanders quagmire”

  1. Same here in the UK, ultra right v’s ultra left – it may not matter, cos whoever gets in tends to be less of what they promised, but then having said that, our current government is pretty unpleasant as they are!

  2. The ultras can’t effectively manipulate the system..and until there is total anarchy, we must settle for less or get nuthin. Dats my feeling anyways..I’ve observed our political machine for long enuff to understand compromise is the only way things get done..sometimes ugly compromised…

  3. Casper, he is promising the moon, and stars, and super novas…but he does not have the power to deliver..he is not the candidate for president that we need at this stage of our history..we need Hillary!!!

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