Claws are drawn

with blood and venom;

Rake the scars

That sealed the damage.

Predators eat soured prey,

The deeds done  in another’s name.

Tempest voices

Strained and hollow,

Words that meaning never follows.

Threats and silence,

Broken tear,

Battles between war and fear.

Eyes so wide 

at reprimand-

Clear your throat,

Make no demands,

And raise your weak and trembling hand.

Request to speak

And plant a seed

Of courtly diplomatic creed;

And stick a fork

With grizzled tines

Into a bitter, black 

And bloated pie;

An indescretion aged with lime-

Buried in your heart and mind,

A pallid deferential crime

That I protest was never mine.


Author: moonmaenad

Unskilled Navigator of this ocean we call life..somebody throw me a lifejacket STAT…or a clever and friendly dolphin

14 thoughts on “FAMILY DINNER”

    1. it’s another paean to my trip back to visit my siblings and siblings in law (or “outlaws” may b more accurate😳🙄😼) after my moms passing…now I remember why I love being so far away😸😹😹😹😜

      1. in fact my parents were the first to send me to a psychiatrist…course they should’ve, since they were the partially the cause of my “quasi-breakdown”…our family was like a pack of wolves–of which I was the one one..

    1. “dinners” can be that way–“E” and “PRO” vocative.. Love your word puzzles/re-interpretations..😍and too be sure, ain’t no rainbows and Intoxicating unicorns in my poetry😳🙀🙄😸👍🏽

      1. rainbows … eh. but unicorns of the intoxicayteeng variety, well, mayhaps my tolerance level for that is rarely exceeeedid. so far …

      2. than u r clearly made of tougher stuff than me…I’m rainbow and unicorn (not to mention “uniform”) intolerant so they are off limits on my blog…

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