A shout out here to the abiding wisdom of Pema Chödrön:

Feelin this a bit right now…



Behind closed doors,

(forbidden rooms)

A monk betrays

the mad buffoon.

Down crooked halls,

with twisted stairs,

Your feet could wind up anywhere.

A dizzy unrelenting drum,

a key must twine this spring undone.

With mercy’s milk,

discreet, unknown,

a hungry mouth 

will suckle stone;

Insatiable with ragged teeth,

to masticate,

(in disbelief)

on victuals others abhor-

But you, my friend, will not ignore.

When I find someone this beautiful I have to share…Louise Brooks, silent era film icon and damned sexy (yet seemingly naive, winsome and mischievious too)… classic yet contemporary beauty here..😍😘

yeh…she did a bit of artsy nude shots on the side..I don’t hold that against her…noooo ma’am😍😘😈😎

yes…I’m hooked, her eyes simply mesmeriz, and her hair–perfect…but I saved the best (and largest) pic for last..it’s times like these I wish I was in Hollywood, or Weimar Republic Germany during the silent movie era…

Menacing Indulgence 

Grasping desperate, 

bleedng weakly

on my gasping razor bite

  so deceived and fragile,

  you know we can’t afford to  fight.

Rotting words are drooled 

 or swallowed-

Feral rumors never rise

beyond the sutured crusty surface;


 but will never cry.

Menacing indulgence,

masks we so politely wear-

Glittering in poisoned guile 

and meaningless despair..

So much hail

and raining anger,

nesting in our vacant eyes-

Mocking, careless cruelty

 displayed in strangled, pleasant smiles.

This is how a lovely songbird 

falls upon an urban street

and slowly dies in crowded thunder,

crushed by blind, determined feet.