Endless Fog

An endless fog becomes the ocean;

constant movement, 

aimless motion.

The faucet drips,

and plumbing leaks, 

bleak squandered trips on open seas;

Roll frigid tides,

your chances slim,

Some currents you must never swim.

Bargained daily,

Withered storms-

seldom feeling safe and warm.

Littered beaches 

seagulls swarm,

footprints advance, 

Untracked, ignored.

Whispers cascade,

And comb the dunes-

suspicious eye becomes the moon.

And I’m confused by what it means,

grim accusations,

third degrees…

my evidence will bury me.

Remove me from the witness stand,

false testimony firm in hand,

reduced to harmless reprimand.

Yet through the cracks a torrent speaks

of dark despair and calm relief,

a question soon becomes belief-

This prophet is a common thief.


Author: moonmaenad

Unskilled Navigator of this ocean we call life..somebody throw me a lifejacket STATโ€ฆor a clever and friendly dolphin

7 thoughts on “Endless Fog”

      1. LOL! Well, I’m glad you chose to write. It’s powerful. I think my favorite line “remove me from the witness”

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