Demagogues Lament

Demagogues that preach by numbers-

endless sermons

fitful slumbers;

patronized by mind’s illusions-

open doors become intrusions.

Enter winds,

so bitter cold,

they crack your windows,

numb your soul.

And cryptic scripts do not explain 

these bloated clouds that never rain.

Deprived of critical exposure

gospels false and foolish grow…

(yet questioned by a need to know).

Lacunas hide ‘neath painted plaster,

brick and mortar never mastered.

Empty Grail,

where stains have dried,

once filled with feeble,

shameless pride.

Grace, humility reviled-

For they are God,

and God has died.

Hidden in their praise of others,

prickling, unrelenting envy.




these vehicles that go nowhere.

Continue on your pilgrim’s passage,

casting off the prophets lashings.

Dancing tongues

can poison palates,

kill your plants 

and burn your houses.

Spinning flames that hypnotize-

these lies I cannot compromise,

and seeming pyres,

ground by boot,

are spurned to scattered ash

and soot.


Author: moonmaenad

Unskilled Navigator of this ocean we call life..somebody throw me a lifejacket STAT…or a clever and friendly dolphin

4 thoughts on “Demagogues Lament”

  1. I’m very happy u liked it sis..ur opinion is important to me always..but u know dat😉👍🏽😸🙏🏼I wrote it a few weeks ago but couldn’t seem to let it always felt like something was missing but I’m picky that way😖😁eventually u gotta let it fly…

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