“Good mooooorning Vietnam…er…cretin-land”


Author: moonmaenad

Unskilled Navigator of this ocean we call life..somebody throw me a lifejacket STAT…or a clever and friendly dolphin

15 thoughts on ““Good mooooorning Vietnam…er…cretin-land””

      1. no, but i worked in a largely latino community and learned some latin in school–so i picked it up pretty fast…it’s latin based so much of the language uses roots and prefixes we see in our language daily..

    1. It’s like livin in the twilight zone here..every day a new duffus or Nazi blooms in mr. Chump’s garden..we r trying to resist and prevent these appointments but it’s like playing whack-a-mole every day…Palin is dog shit who can now say that she not only “can see Russia from her kitchen window, she might be able to copulate with it too..”

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