I LOVE OUR STATE FOR STANDING UP TO THAT FAT, LYING, STUPID ASSHOLE!! And we thank Goddess for our gracious and freedom loving Governer Jerry Brown who has the courage and dignity to refuse to support Chump’s immigration laws..let’s go get the savage pigs who are slopping and gorging at the trough!!!


Author: moonmaenad

Unskilled Navigator of this ocean we call life..somebody throw me a lifejacket STAT…or a clever and friendly dolphin

17 thoughts on “I LOVE OUR STATE FOR STANDING UP TO THAT FAT, LYING, STUPID ASSHOLE!! And we thank Goddess for our gracious and freedom loving Governer Jerry Brown who has the courage and dignity to refuse to support Chump’s immigration laws..let’s go get the savage pigs who are slopping and gorging at the trough!!!”

  1. I love it and the government will come after you like it did Chicago, as a sanctuary city, threatening to cut off ALL Federal funds if we protected immigrants. No police or firepeople or all the rest. THAT’S WHAT THEY SAID TO US! Kids were terrified and teachers went to their homes to find out why they weren’t in school. They were sick with fear and thought their parents would be gone when they came home from classes…and all because of that moron. Our governor went on TV and told them nothing would happen to them because Chicago would protect them and that what the moron said to us. Ugly, horrible, vindictive, hateful people. So, if you go that way as a state, they WILL come for you. Be ready for that.

  2. And you might say, “Let them come,” but you need to see how much money your state gets and what it pays for and be prepared to do alternative things. You are warm, so that’s good. Chicago is freezing cold during the winter and people already die because of it. They were willing to cut off ALL Federal money because we are a city that is willing to protect people from harm at the hands of their own government. How sick is that!

    1. Our state attorney is already preparing to drag them into court if that happens..but yes, that will be a long circuitous battle..so it’s a chess match now..and we may very well be defeated but it’s better than doing nothing..even token resistance is better than nothing…our house is paid for so we t off the hook there..we r getting psychologically prepared..but if they push us too far it will hurt them as much as us..we r a huge part of the taxes they collect every year..we r the 7th largest economy in the world so we r a nation unto ourselves

      1. But I realize they r a very big bully–but if enuff states resist it will create chaos for the entire country and even these idiots don’t want anything interfering with business as usually

  3. Excellent. I hope Illinois follows suit but we are quite a different entity. Having lawyers ready is important. You may have to do without for a while but I agree, we have to do what we have to do. Chicago is in trouble on a lot of levels. Corruption and the highest taxes in the country are driving people out. The people who are leaving have the most money and I don’t want the city to turn into Detroit. There is also a lot of animosity between the country people and the city, especially Springfield (capital) because we get all the state funding. We have almost 10 million people so what do they expect? Anyway, those who stand for freedom will be punished but we have to do it anyway. No other choice, not really. Maybe Illinois will expand it’s sanctuary to the state, not just the city. Fingers crossed.

    1. We have a unique problem out here cuz We depend on the Immigrant population in so many ways here-if they throw them all out our economy will flounder no doubt about it ..they’ve a big part if our work force..can’t somebody just kill these pricks!! It ms a mercy killing for the country

  4. If they wanna cut off state funding that they will do but we won’t hurt as much other states-since we only receive 7 cents of every dollar we put in-that according to the states attorney general..it will be a hard fight but we must resist as long as we can

  5. This IS a country of immigrants, I don’t know why they pretends that it isn’t. Apparently we have more polish people in Chicago than there are in Warsaw. Immigrants do keep the economy going. We have seasonal migrant workers (nothing lives in winter) and more and more people are speaking languages I never heard before. Chicago is changing fast. Diversity is the norm. Things are not the way they used to be and neither is the city. It’s funny, but because I’ve lived here my entire life I can see the changes so clearly. An instead of embracing the diversity our government uses it to divide us…for their own purposes. So pathetic. I still think we need new tactics. The old ones have served their purpose but we need to boycott trump (and his family) products, interests. We need to LAUGH at him instead of become enraged. He won’t like being laughed at. He’s a bully and he’s so pathetically conceited, we need to go for those things. More art, more emperor with no clothes or BRAIN. We can do the political stuff quietly but LAUGH AT HIM AND HIS BAND OF THUGS every chance we get. Art, art, and more art. Songs, posters, anything that makes him look like the fool he is. We have to stop using labels and even the word immigrant and just start to say people until the work immigrant disappears and you can’t tell who anyone is anymore. We need to make those kinds of changes and they will eventually eat away at the hatred and insanity that is our government.

    1. Yes and that was done on purpose. Kids are NOT taught what their rights are, how to stand against the government when it’s wrong. Kids are taught to OBEY, so the government won’t ever have to worry about them fighting back.

  6. They are actually teaching the kids even less now. I know that’s hard to believe but it’s true. They are, instead, teaching them to obey authority and they forced to hand over their phones, their backpacks, open their lockers and cars, all to be searched WITHOUT JUST CAUSE. They think those things are NORMAL because they are part of their lives. How horrific is THAT!

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