HOPE MAIMS, LOVE KILLS…                                                                                                                                   

“Hope”–George Fredrick Watts (1886)

“Bruised Face, Broken Heart”–Stacy Moore; 2012


Casualty of War

When sacred yields to most profane,

thick curdled milk down sodden drains.

The enemy that bleaches bones

 while sneaking down the rabbit hole.

Strangled knees,

 in twisted sheets,

rotting fruit is bleeding deep.

Buried shallow in our fables, 

warnings staked by Satan’s gables.

Doors slammed shut-

Deny the storm,

while roots seek safety- 

soft and warm.

Pain the razor

peels back lies,

but blindness cannot visualize.

Errands done lack weight or value-

fields unplowed lie dry and fallow.

Hate, dishonesty, conceit-

cold eyes reflect a quarried gleam.

Sultan demons,

 raised and salvaged,

raid the fleeing, 

fearful travelers.

Selfish isolation preached

while angels languish 

  out of reach.

Hypnotized by frenzied speech 

  that binds your mind,

    your hands, your feet.

Vitriol in staggered cadence

   spinning lost

a millstone’s vagrant.

Storms that sweep 

cracked dusty streets-

powers trade

and then repeat.

Pogroms promise sweet relief,

And Saints reveal as common thieves.

Wicked tribes of children march,

fierce uniforms, pressed clean and starched.

Coxswain’s drum 

feeds primal dancers;

reckless pride

and feasting madness.

Bloodied standards 

writhe the floor;

regrets are sin forevermore-

where sisters fight their brothers war,

with Truth,

The casualty of War.



had better keep your distance

once I opened up my eyes

i saw you and lost interest.

left crumbs for me to bite on;

Hungry wolves need more than this

to feed their appetite on.

think money is your prophet;

Au contraire, my silly fool-

it breeds the lying thieves and snakes 

You choose to spend your time with.

please stay inside your castle-

trying just to cross your mote

was too much of a hassle.

pull strings like you’re a wizard-

cutting them was easy

once i finally found my scissors.