Never give more than another is willing…


Author: moonmaenad

Unskilled Navigator of this ocean we call life..somebody throw me a lifejacket STAT…or a clever and friendly dolphin

52 thoughts on “Never give more than another is willing…”

    1. Hello boo..nice to see u here again..yes, Akiraa: I’ve had some hard lessons recently but I’m finally choosing to take appropriate action..I’ve missed are u?

      1. Yes…I’m doing therapy and on appropriate meds…feeling much better than I have in years. A dog can’t keep chasing her tail (or the tails of others) without ending up completely confused and, tell me how things r going with u?

      2. But you know I’m really happy for you that you’ve started therapy and you’re actually following it and not just for the heck of it. Glad you’re trying at least.

      3. If so…believe me, u will know when u r ready..confusion inspires the search for understanding…are u considering leaving school? If so, don’t do that unless u r sure u have another, better option. Confusion is not the end product, it leads to resolution-but u have questions u need answers too and hang on-they WILL come

      4. I dorm even know that… It’s just all so confusing. But let’s not talk about this rn. I’m just too done with it.

      5. much has happened yet so little..I was taking care of my younger brother for months after he developed a severe spinal infection and was crippled for much of that time..he’s made a quick recovery tho and walking and taking care of himself again. I was doing everything for him for awhile and it drained me emotionally which set me up for terrible decision making(read, chasing love again)..and I paid a steep price for was the perfect storm and I nearly had a nervous breakdown..which propelled me into making long needed changes and therapy.. I have hope again and that’s the big change

      6. Yeah I knew about all of this. That’s the last time we actually talked. But pls be consistent with your therapy. That’s a good thing that you’ve hope and I’m glad to hear that! πŸ™‚

      7. i wasn’t sure what i last spoke with u about…it’s been several months, after all boo..i have distanced myself the past 2 months from my bro somewhat..he will suck the life outta ya and he’s capable of caring for added to my depression. life’s better without his narcissism…and life is even better w/out a woman i’d gotten involved with the past 5-6 months..she was a gal i’d known for yrs. and lives here in town..reckless flirtation and politics drew us together, but i couldn’t deal with her arrogance and selfishness, and i know i was more than she could handle…she was a waste of time…better to be alone for sure…and re: therapy, i’m just ready to make changes, ready to live smarter and find peace again.

      8. You know maybe you won’t believe me but I’m so so happy for you. Good that you’re getting some direction in life.. yeah I mean if you were not happy with the girl then it was best to leave her. And I still hope you’re doing well and will do so in future too.. πŸ™‚

      9. I know boo…I feel the same about u..u will always have a piece of my heart..I’m still a work in progress and I need to change my attitudes about some things..learn to accept others more than try to coerce and change them, and get angry when I don’t get what I want…and, yes, it’s a lesson long overdue…how r u doin boo???

      10. To be honest it certainly was a lesson long overdue for you. That’s a start now that you’re accepting your flaws..accept all of you babe,accept the way you are. Don’t try to change yourself just try to change your perspective! Trust me it Will be worth it. I’m doing great.. was on a holiday..just reached home today! It was very good.. Sun,sand,sea,food and everything good!❀

      11. Im happy to hear u are feeling better babe–sometimes a change of scene changes everything…yes, I’ve been in this destructive mode far too long, clinging on to inappropriate partners to buoy my sagging spirit but I’m changing that…and I’m finally willing to do the work that is necessary…I’ve put it off for many years and I’m tired of going in the same circle over and over again…where did holiday?? Anywhere by the ocean sounds great to meπŸ˜ŽπŸ€ πŸ‘πŸ½

      12. Glad you’re happy with what you doing! I was in India only.. You know about Goa? Well that’s the place I went to. Actually I’m kinda busy so couldn’t take out more than a week! How about you? How are you?

      13. I’m hangin in there…good days, not so good days..I don’t see my shrink till 6/22 for my psych evaluation so I’m gettin impatient..but I’m ok..I’ve heard of it nice there?? We are fostering a dog now..his name is jack and we already love him (only had him 6 days) so we’re gonna keep him..he’s such a love bug😻😻😘

      14. You had a dog before too.. who we? Your family? Yep I didn’t do much in goa cz I was in my resort only. Just went there to chill a bit! You gotta take a chill cz this is the time when you’ve to show your patience.

      15. I know sweet sis…patience is my steepest mountain to climb…our previous dog (deb and I r still living together as friends onlyπŸ€ πŸ‘πŸ½) died a month was hard to let her go but the cancer was growing like crazy 😰😭…so we fostered this dog Jack and he’s been very therapeutic and we both love him so we r gonna keep him😍😘…I’m at the river right now letting the water roll over my feet and chilling–and being patient too..I love u babe

      16. Heyy!!❀ Omg so sorry to hear that..May his soul RIP. well that’s good you’re loving Jack! Which breed is he? Oh how is deb btw? Not heard about her from you for quite a long time now!

      17. Her fibromyalgia is getting worse, it she’s struggling’s been up and down for both of us but I’m trying to disengage more-I need personal healing now…Jack is a jack Russell terrier…yes, Kasee’ death was a knockout punch..we didn’t know she had cancer till it was far too late…we took her to the vet (she’s more of a friend really) and she said “guys…it’s time.” I held her head in my hands until she passed and cried all over the place..the vet tech who assisted is a friend too-she took our puppy Zoey when we were forced to rehome her so we felt like we were comforted by family….

      18. Its a good thing you were treated so well from the vet and her team. Sorry to hear that but i’m happy to hear Jack being with you,being your strength.

  1. (Oh, and my long overdue therapy is helping more than I anticipated..the meds r very helpful’s not easy but I’m tired of repeating the same silly behaviors expecting different results πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ½)

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