Unorthodox Drummer

Homogeneous homosexuals-members of the mainstream;

this is not what impassioned women over the centuries were fighting for;

not for stifling sameness, and harmless predictability, but for the divine right of women everywhere to live beyond the pale, beyond imposed & restrictive boundaries, to demand the freedom and opportunities to pursue their own “heretical” vision without condemnation and judgement. Adherence to socially accepted norms and values should never restrict others from embracing their own unique desideratum. Let us treasure, protect and remain reverent to the social and artistic iconoclasts- the courageous firebrands who see beyond the paved and compromised road and choose to follow their own unorthodox drummer-even if others cannot hear nor comprehend the rhythms; and never disrespect them because these are the women

who will ultimately change the world.

Remain volatile, undefined, and brutally honest, remain the creative pioneers and adventurers who blaze a path

not everyone can follow, and even fewer can truly appreciate. These are the heroes, the dreamers, the visionaries we are always waiting for-whether we are aware of it or not.


Am i asking far too much-

just to send a simple message

to my open heart.

are u really all that busy

that u can’t respond forever,

And an ending can’t begin again

until we part;

And i want to end the misery

before it starts

The Lotus

Save me the endless

and arrogantly happy;

the blindly brittle prattle

of the fragile optimist;

that annoying,


self serving idealist;

those who love the gentle lotus

but fear it’s cracked and crusting mud;

who speak

of noble sacrifice

and tender, unrestricted love-

but spare

nor offer neither,

no bead of brine,

and tired sweat-

nor drop of precious,

bitter blood.