Highs and Lows

These highs

and lows

and in-betweens,

The fevered dreams

and sacred screams;


whose running scared,

The outcome seems beyond repair.

Ignored, dismissed,

and compromised-

The meager crumbs

that u provide.

Impatient waiting

endless lines,

and cruel desserts that she divines,

Composed of fear

    and twisted lies..

This hide and seek

that u require.



then swift denial.

The prey runs free,

the hunter tires.


and out of reach,

a clumsy dance that we repeat.

These staggered efforts

we design

have run their course-

diverted mine.

This host,

her feast,

on which we dine;

This scripted scene

to which subscribed,

mere parlor tricks

and pantomime.


OMG…WILL SOMEONE PLEASE FIND ME A FUCKIN INTERPRETER??? Is everyone I know speaking in a foreign language, dialectical slang, or a miasmic, marginalized “sound bite” language understandable to only a chosen few??? AAAARRRGGGHHHH…