saliva of the sea



ocean poet

She is my roaming lyric,

the poem that i have fashioned.

She rolls and sighs,

then languishes

in shady bays and warm lagoons,

then charges forth in froth and fury,

laying all to waste.

she raised my soul

in stormy waters,

billowed empty sails.

she is the ballerina’s loom

and i, an empty tomb.

she spins and weaves my longing

into a wet and raging fire.

and I know she is suspicious

of words that I inspire,

but i am just a broken lock

without my silver key.

slowly rusting into dust

beneath my sulking sea.


All about you

I write you,

I speak you,

I hear your tender smile

when you whisper 

soft wet kisses ,

then embrace me with your lies.

thI believe, but must reply

with fragile alibis,

For i am far too shy.

I walk you,

i crawl to you,

I run away from you,

when the time is right.

I drink you,

I eat you,

i lick your silent tears.

You bear me,

You hold me

When I’m far too hot to handle,

and i cannot be tamed-

But you remain my candle,

and I, your burning flame.

The Snake

I have seen you spread your lies,

a pestilence

across the skies.

through hungry rats

and buzzing flies,

who  scramble frenzied

from your sight.

Tis She, The snake,

who sheds her skin

whenever a new breeze blows in.

you crawl the ground,

begin anew

You think the world belongs to you.

deceive them all,

my faithless friend,

your world is coming to its end.

For up above you.

in the trees,

a woman waits to lay her claim,

to maim and then devour you.

She pounces down, with angry heart

to tear your soul and skin apart;

with hungry tooth and sharpened claw-

you find yourself within her maw.

Its to your shame

and empty pride,

you, who i now despise,

to vainly try

and blindly dare

to slide inside My fatal lair.Paul-Desire-Trouillebert,-The-Nude-Snake-Charmer,-or-La-charmeuse-de-serpents

for the lilly

I’d like to tear the lilly

from the sodden earth..

Rip off it’s delicate petals,

It’s waxen leaves,

Break its wilted stem

Chew and shred them all,

and spit them into the tormented sea.

But the memory of the lilly would remain 

and fertilize my hungry roots

to nurse a yellow viper

Who suckles on my brilliant pain.