the fog

the fog is a misty veil that wraps itself loosely around my tiny world;

a silken grey transparent scarf

that cradles and softens the harsh contours, the arrogant brightness

the shadows,

the sharpened edges of reality.

it’s sleepy eyes droop in silence, resigned to its loneliness

and it fears no challenge from sound nor brilliant light

for it swallows them all

and it creeps hunched over

in its search for a proud, yet hidden twilight

dying fire


You never ask me questions

cause you never want my answers,

so we live in awkward silence that,

it seems, goes on forever.

and we chatter much of nothing

just to light a dying fire.

And  i want to scream so loudly,

just to shatter all the windows.

but it never really happens

so I swallow all the sorrow with a smile,

and I hate how i have faded in your lie.


th th*CAUTION; this story is somewhat “tongue in cheek”***

Last night i dreamed of a grizzly chasin me thru downtown New Orleans…and there was a ballerina riding on his back, o course…(they are to blame for the breakdown of society, bears and ballerinas…somebody’s gotta stop em…haaaaa,huh???) Anyways, the bear/ballerina tandem chased me down and cornered me in a deserted and decaying mausoleum. Then the ballerina swiftly hopped down from the grizzly’s back and began pirouetting furiously, madly. The friction created a firestorm and the mausoleum was set ablaze. The grizzly bear was incinerated but his teeth and claws popped out, which i quickly snatched up for protection. The ballerina continued her reckless spinning until all the skin was pulled from her body…but her skeleton persevered in its pirouette until it drilled a tunnel clean under the mausoleum and i followed that tunnel to safety.The ballerina disappeared into the night, i could hear her delicate bones creaking away…whew I’m lucky to be alive!!!! haaaaaa…now this metaphorical dream represents a relationship recently ended, but my mind had such fun turning it into a ludicrous adventure…try it next time you break up with someone, its quite therapeutic..

Not all that is quiet is quiet

Beyond is life…


Artwork by Yusra Badr 10.3.1996 Artwork by Yusra Badr

Not all that is quiet is quiet.

Silence is not always a sign of peace. It almost never is. Silence is symbolic to so much more and to so much loudness that it shames the loudest of noises.

Silence can be a sign of defeat, or of sinister intentions for vengeance.

Silence can be caused by confusion, or by clarity that is far beyond their grasp and is futile to try to explain.

It can be triggered by despair, or by a change of heart, or by patience.

Silence can be a sign of waiting for something to happen. Maybe waiting for someone’s next mistake, or waiting for them to prove you wrong.

Waiting for someone’s validation, or for a miracle.

Waiting for a sign, or a hurricane.

Silence has far more interpretations than words or sounds. It is both; profound and insignificant. It leaves room for…

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